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Anarchists: For a World without Bosses

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Anarchism Community
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Some points to keep in mind:

-This is a forum for discussion of anarchist theory, actions, history, or anything else that might be of interest to anarchists. Please feel free to engage in the discussion, but have respect for fellow members.

-If you are new to anarchism, please feel free to ask questions. Links to important anarchist websites, including the so-called Anarchist FAQ, zinelibrary.net, Insurgent Desire, and Spunk.org, and are provided in the forum. Furthermore, glance through the community's memories or use the following feature to search the anarchists archives.

Get your own code!

-When posting a long entry, please use lj cuts. If you do not know how to use them, check out FAQ #75. Furthermore, please place images that might be reasonably expected to disturb others behind an lj-cut, preferably with a short description of the possibly-offending images in the referring link. It is rude, presumptuous, and possibly counter-productive to post such images with the express purpose of jarring viewers into some kind of specific action.

-This is an unsecure forum, so be careful with what you say if you are discussing sensitive information. Posts that contain egregiously sensitive information are subject to deletion.

-Exercise extreme discretion when deleting your own comments and even more when deleting the comments of others. Comments by others should only be deleted in the event that they include sensitive information that shouldn't be posted in a public forum or the event that said comments constitute an apparent effort to spam a post in order to curtail discussion. Any poster that deletes the comments of others for any other reason leaves their own post subject to deletion by one of the community's maintainers.

In addition, if you're interested, there is a community called meta_anarchists where issues related to the maintenance of this community may be discussed. Issues relating to forum governance, trolls, spamming, moderation, etc., can and should be addressed there. meta_anarchists is a neutral forum maintained by a 3rd party.

Also, here's a sad comment that has to be made: anarchists is not a really-existing anarchist commune or society; the maintainers are not "the capitalist class" or the "bourgeoisie"; non-maintainers are not the "proles." And, most of all, this livejournal community will, unfortunately, not bring down the state and global capitalism. It can, however, be an interesting, informative, and rich site for discussion of news and ideas that relate to anarchists and anarchism.

Finally, though our relationships to one another in this LJ community may pale in comparison to the affinities that we seek and celebrate in our daily lives, this is not an excuse to abandon certain standards of respect when addressing one another in this community. With this in mind, the moderators ask that members assume the good faith of others until it is shown to be undeserved.


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