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newer coming

New to report, and also please predecessors, friends exhibitions.


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Jan. 1st, 2016 02:41 pm (UTC)
1. In Russia, there is no strong left opposition. Party Zyuganov - racist.
a. Dial google site for Russian "Sochi Dargins" will come out on the site of the St. Petersburg branch of the party Zyuganov racist slander article annoying ethnic Dargin titled "How a Russian Caucasus"
Attend to that in the Nogai steppe (where are Neftekumsk and South Sukhokumsk) descendants of Russian colonialists (who Bole than indigenous Nogai) becomes smaller than Dargins
b. dial the search site Yandex "Magomedov tram" will come out on the Russian slanderous Caucasophobia
at. in close to Zyuganov's party newspaper "Soviet Russia", "kavkazofobskaya article Caucasian ridge problems"

2. In the Russian fascists in power - Zhirinovsky, Minister of Tkachev as an example
Fascists from Russia sometimes like evrosoyusche power in the United States, a fascist Alexei Navalny in 2008 proposed to close the Chechens and Ingush in the ghetto

3. Let us promote the idea. Seychs almost everywhere in the world the state gives a person 100% set of civil rights upon reaching a certain age. It is necessary to demolish the medieval anachronism. The rights should be tied to the level of development and scholarship

4. According to information available on the territory of St. Petersburg, Bryansk region passed an unconstitutional ordinance (the AKP), according to which at night are prohibited from being on the street by people under 18 (!) Years. This contradicts the basic law of Russia - the Constitution, Article 27 on freedom of movement. In addition: 1. Under current law people have the right to start work at the age of 14, to have sex with 16 years, to use public transport to 7 years. A closer look we see that: - The law does not prohibit part time in private, such as for example, help in plumbing work or setting up computer equipment. ACP prevents the implementation of a permanent employment or part-time because it is possible to return to the place of residence to part-time work at any time of the day - the AKP prevent sexual and personal life of the citizens, since the law is not regulated, what time should commit acts of intimacy, acts of intimacy is allowed to do at any time, in any dwelling, respectively, can not be regulated by the return from the meeting - Citizens have the right to use public transport, long before 18 years of age, respectively, prevents the return of the AKP in the residence with good transport links. And if long-distance trains arriving in the city of residence of a citizen in the night? 2. Many citizens are forced to help elderly relatives, which are moved through the city 3. Nonresident citizens often come back at night in a hostel in the city study of native settlements 4. The citizens formed a negative image of the police and the state as a whole (the risk that young people protest can go to the extremist community) 5. Discrimination contributes to mental illness, aggravates social problems may be a factor of depression and suicide crimes 6. The citizen is not obliged to carry a watch, have hours and hours to be able to use. So this is a gross violation of national and international. 7. Moreover, it is a violation of the Russian Federation adopted the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - Articles 2,7,9,10,12,17 pact (since 16 years, people have the right to privacy), 18,21,22, 26 Please distribute, write to the United Nations in the Court of Human Rights, the President of Russia, the Russian prosecutor's office, the investigative committee of Russia
Jan. 5th, 2016 02:48 am (UTC)
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