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August 19th, 2007

"Clearly the simplest model of the erotic is the pivotal couple. Two people live their experiences as honestly and as freely as possible. This radiant complicity has all the charm of incest. Their wealth of common experiences can only lead to a brother and sister relationship. Great loves have always had something incestuous about them; one could deduce that love between brothers and sisters was privileged from the very first, and that it should be worked on in every possible manner. It's high time to break this, the most ancient and ugliest of all taboos, and to break it once and for all. The process could be described as sororisation. A wife and a sister all of whose friends are also my wives and sisters."

--Raoul Vaneigem, "Revolution of Everyday Life"



"The Greco-Egypto-Islamic ferment adds a pederastic [i.e. paedophile] element... the ideal woman of romance is neither wife nor concubine but someone in the forbidden category..." He uses the term "spiritual alchemy" for witnessing the "Devine Beloved in certain beautiful boys," and remarks that, "since all homosexuality is forbidden in Islamic law, a boy-loving sufi has no 'safe' category for sensual realisation."

In "Obsessive Love," Bey again invokes Mackay (1864-1933), whose paedophilia was never known to other anarchist writers during his life: "I admit to a philosophical preference for Mackay's position..." [which means the] " giving up of all false chivalry and self-denying dandyism in favour of more 'pagan' and convivial modes of love." He closes the essay with his clearest anarcho-paedophile statement: "it has taken on a tantalising reality and filtered into my life in certain Temporary Autonomous Zones an impossible time and space and on this brief hint, all my theory is based." What he means by this is that he really has sex with children, rather than leaving the matter to fantasy, and that this is his purpose when he preaches anarchism."

From his poem published in the NAMBLA bulletin a number of years ago:
he's in the bathtub, I see
him through a crack in the door playing with himself, he calls me in, shows me
underwater push-ups and sit-ups, except for his gallic buttocks his skin is gilt as the air over the Hudson. The touch of his wet, bath-wrinkled fingers in my hand... but then...
one of his parents clumps down the hall...


Black Bloc takes on Minutemen in Seattle

An awesome showing yesterday in Seattle by a dozen or so black blocers, counter-demonstrating a rally by the racist minutemen. These cats were so on top of it as to bring shields and to actually take the street in spite of the cops, at least for a bit.

There's a video here from KOMO TV. (However, a lot of what they're saying is horseshit):

While some of them held the line up front, others in the back hurled balloons, reportedly filled with water and glitter, at the minutemen. (Contrary to the TV story, no beer bottles were thrown.) The cops hosed everyone down with pepper spray, but the black blocers didn't run away.

But I guess the police charged at them toward the end of the rally, before they could de-bloc. The blocers lost most, but not all, of their shields, and one guy got arrested. He's facing charges of "aggravated assault" (horseshit) and is facing $1 million bail. He should be released after arraignment some time this week. :(


Incidentally, Olympia is making its Tuesday anti-cop rallies a weekly gig. Use one of our signs, including "Honk if you hate the cops," "All cops are murderers," "Cops are racist pigs," or the ever-popular "Fight back", or make one of your own. (No direct threats or profanity.) Every Tuesday on the 4th Avenue Bridge, from 4-6pm.

EDIT: Here's a much better video of the event. The bloc action begins at about 1:50

The "Hot Springs 6" Skateboarders

A few posts back, there was a video of an Officer, Joey Willams, attacking and choking a kid around the age of 12 on National Skateboard Day. Well, what has been going on in Hot Springs, Arkansas as of late is an attempt to sweep the reality of the situation under the carpet. A release from hot springs was sent out and I found it on the Santa Rosa Copwatch page, I wanted to share here. It makes many uncertainties found in the original post here clear;

The Truth About The Collapse )