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Has anyone else had problems posting messages to this community lately?

Last week I posted a message concerning primitivism and a "Client error: Sorry, there was a problem with content of the entry" resulted.

I have submitted a ticket to livejournal support, but they've been unable to resolve it thus far.

How active is this community still?

I posted here a lot, starting in my senior year of high school (7 some years ago). The last time I remember it really being active was in fall 2009. This is a new account (I formally went by gary_the_great), and it really saddens me to see my favorite Livejournal community, and the online source that got me most interested in anarchism (and radical politics in general), basically bite it.

Just for the record....

... anarchists don't support fascists or war criminals - of any sort.
Originally posted by serendipityone at Obama’s Backdown and the New World Order Project
“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order. ” – David Rockefeller

“Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful.”– Henry Kissinger

As Kissinger suggests, the new order will not come in like a third-world coup, with the blatant imposition of military force. Rather, the conditions are to be created so that the NWO will appear to be a welcome salvation for humanity. It would be surprising if any other approach had been adopted. It has always been the practice of the US establishment to bring public opinion enthusiastically onside to their global-scale projects.

In both world wars, for example, the dominant economic elites orchestrated the buildup to the wars, great care was taken so that the designated enemies would be seen as the aggressors. As a result, populations put their hearts and souls into the war effort. Not only were they ‘defending’ themselves, they were ‘fighting a war to end all wars’, or they were ‘defeating fascism’. Mind control is the most efficient means of population mobilization.
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Excellent Page

Originally posted by serendipityone at Excellent Page
FROM RICHARD MOORE: The NWO PROJECT - Moore argues that Syria is actually a psyop for the installation of the NWO.

Originally posted by serendipityone at Obama's Syrian Rebel Hostages Blow Whistle, Human Rights Watch Faked Evidence
by Deborah Dupre Human Rights Examiner
September 13, 2013

A Belgian teacher and an Italian journalist held captive by Obama-backed Syrian rebels have blown the whistle on what Human Rights Watch, a front group for the United States Department of State, said was “compelling evidence” that the Assad government gassed its people.

The two freed hostages have indicated that Obama-backed Syrian rebels were behind the chemical weapon atrocity.

A Belgian researcher, freed from Obama-backed Syrian rebels, has denied what Human Rights Watch, a front group for the United States Department of State stated Thursday: that it had "compelling evidence showing the Assad government was responsible for the August 21 gas attack on a village near Damascus.

The gas attack resulted in over a thousand civilians allegedly gassed to death with nerve agent sarin and Barack Obama’s justification to strike Syria.

“Pierre Piccinin da Prata has given a sensational interview to Belgium’s RTL-TVI radio station where he stressed it was his “moral duty” to say that Bashar Assad’s government did not stand behind using sarin or any other gas on the outskirts of Damascus,” Voice of Russia radio station reports.

“The Belgian national said he learned as much from what he overheard in an exchange between his captors.”

Both the Italian journalist Domenico Quirico and the Belgian teacher Pierre Piccinin were flown home Wednesday after kidnapped and held for five months by Syrian rebel’s as hostages.

Quirico, 62, is a well-known war correspondent in Italy.

Qurico and Piccinin have indicated that Obama-bcked Syrian insurgents were behind the gas attack on a village near Damascus.

Human Rights Watch, a front group for the United States Department of State, said Thursday that it had compelling evidence that the Syrian government was responsible for the gas attack.

“Human Rights Watch (HRW) is an arm of the U.S. Department of State,” political analyst Don DeBar stated in a brief Skype interview Thursday morning. ”It and Amnesty International’s U.S. chapter have shared Clinton State Department functionaries as CEOs.

“Human Rights Watch always carries the U.S. Department of State line with respect to U.S. military actions against other states,” DeBar said.

Nevertheless, the front group's “findings” on the recent chemical attack of Syrians were splashed across United States news headlines Thursday, as though the reporters were from an independent group ethically investigating and reporting true findings.

Unlike legal authorities and genuine human rights groups, Human Rights Watch is, as usual, toeing the U.S. administration’s party line, this time defending the Obama regime’s intent to use military aggression against Syria – for humanitarian reasons.

Any U.S. strike on Syria would constitute a war crime.

Obama is replicating the war crime he committed in Libya with impunity. His CIA is now overtly transferring arms to the Syrian rebels, who are committing the worst atrocities in the nation, and blaming Assad. In Libya, Obama's Navy cluster-bombed Libya and blamed Gaddafi.

[See: PSYOP: US Navy cluster bombs oil-rich Libya, blames Gaddafi]

“[T]he entire region is suffering, damaged already from the Libyan expedition, the Iraq expedition, even the Afghanistan war that was started by the US in the late 70’s or 80’s which continues today,” DeBar told Press TV. ”Unfortunately I do not see peace in the near future because the government here in the United States will not allow it.”

[Watch Press TV's August 2013 interview: US govt. hinders peace in Syria: Don DeBar]

International lawyer and Kuala Lumpur International War Crimes Tribunal Judge Alfred Lambremont Webre reported to Dupré today about the HRW's “compelling evidence.”

“It is important to wait for the final reports.”

”One preliminary UN report suggest that both the Syrian government and factions within the rebels used poison gas on the Syrian population. Another report notes that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad did not give the order ro use poison gas.”

Webre's reasoning might surprise some readers.

“If these reports prove to be true,” Webre stated, “then it may be the case that the reported uses of poison gas by both the Syrian government and the rebels were in fact a coordinated ‘false flag attack’ to trigger a U.S. armed intervention and an escalation into regional and perhaps global conflict.”


Help Kickstart World War 3

The West Dethroned — Paul Craig Roberts

Originally posted by serendipityone at The West Dethroned — Paul Craig Roberts
September 7, 2013 |

“The European race’s last three hundred years of evolutionary progress have all come down to nothing but four words: selfishness, slaughter, shamelessness and corruption.”
Yan Fu

It only took the rest of the world 300 years to catch on to the evil that masquerades as “western civilization,” or perhaps it only took the rise of new powers with the confidence to state the obvious. Anyone doubtful of America’s responsibility for the evil needs to read The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick.

The “New American Century” proclaimed by the neoconservatives came to an abrupt end on September 6 at the G20 meeting in Russia. The leaders of most of the world’s peoples told Obama that they do not believe him and that it is a violation of international law if the US government attacks Syria without UN authorization.

Putin told the assembled world leaders that the chemical weapons attack was “a provocation on behalf of the armed insurgents in hope of the help from the outside, from the countries which supported them from day one.” In other words, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Washington–the axis of evil.

China, India, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, and Argentina joined Putin in affirming that a leader who commits military aggression without the approval of the UN Security Council puts himself “outside of law.”

In other words, if you defy the world, Obama, you are a war criminal.
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WW3, Federal Reserve, and the PetroDollar

Originally posted by serendipityone at WW3, Federal Reserve, and the PetroDollar
We are on a road that leads straight to the World War 3, but in order to see that and to fully understand what is at stake you have to look at the big picture...